Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Super Affiliation programs that works well


For all affiliation marketing aspirants. Here I just want to give you brief ideas on how and which affiliation programs are good and earning is better compared to 140+ programs I worked. You can join these programs as all of them are free to join and you can make money. I have given you few ideas what I have used and successful to earn. But if you have better ideas and innovative material for promotion thru affiliation please leave comments so that everybody will be benefited. As some of the site’s URL links are longer I got them shorten on tiny url that you need not confuse. Click on the links to go to the sites for details.

1. Two affiliation houses

These two sites are host of variety of affiliation programs in different categories but under one umbrella. You can register for free and find 2000+ affiliation programs. Select the one suit to your site or to your interest and start earning. Tracking and payments are very prompt.

House 1: Click on the banner below to go to site.

House 2: Click on the banner below to go to site.

Make money by promoting top affiliate programs on the internet.
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2. Two Adult sites

These two sites are strictly adult based but you need not worry of adult nature bcoz you will only promote to the people of that interest. The first one is a no.9 ranked site have excellent service earning up to $40 for paid member. On this site free members are potential paid members. Excellent site to promote thru adult sites like xpeeps, social sites like myspace or thru your own website.

Site 1: Click on the banner below to go to site.

The second site is also wonderful to earn money. Here the every free member earned from your reference will get you $1 for male, $2 for couple and $3 for female. You can also choose for commission for paid member. Excellent site to promote thru blogs.

Site 2: Click on the banner below to go to site.

Both the site pay your payments fortnightly promptly at your doorstep.
If you are in need of any further details you can very well mail me and I will answer you promptly.

3. Check this wonderful forum post helper. You will only spend one time money on buying it and it works wonderful compared to manual posting and costwise.

Instadigi is a forum discussion generator script that allows a user to instantly populate a forum with discussion topics, simplifying the process of starting a new community website!

Content is fully user-driven, and intelligently syndicated from various sources all over the web. All a user simply has to do is specify the topic keywords and everything else is generated automatically and instantly!
At only $70.00, Instadigi is a very powerful solution to saving time and costs spent to promote and populate your community forum(s). Instadigi currently supports the following forum/discussion board systems:
· VBulletin 3.6.x
· Invision Board (IPB) 2.3.x NEW
· PHP-Nuke
· Simple Machines Forum (SMF)

Get the one at....

4. I have few words on Keyword Research for increasing traffic to your site, as told by Manish Kumar. Check it may helps you...
I suggest you to do keyword research and found a keyword which gets more traffic and has less competition. Follow these steps...

a)Go to Keyword Research Tool for Freshers and enter a keyword. I got a list of keyword.
b)I pick up a keyword which has more than 200 searches per.
c)I search that keyword on google within quotes. For example "Your Keyword Here"
d)I analyze top 10 sites. I see how well they are optimized for that keyword. I see their backlinks with SEO Quake Toolbar.
e)If i found a keyword that compiles with above cinditions, then i write a big article realted to that keyword. Then i do link building and use keyword in anchor text. I work for 2 weeks on that keyword.

Use the above steps. This will increase traffic to your website. The last step is hardest one. First of all you need to write a content for your website, then link building work. Yes, it is tough, but not impossible. I think dedication and spirit is requires in every kind of work.

5. Getting your website done

It is easy and custom made as per your needs. First you build a site on here and check in the trial period, if you feel it is worth then buy it. Its an excellent client service from them. Try it out anyhow you got free trial option. Click on the banner to check the details...

Good Luck
Perer Benders